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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. About half of it is found in the bones while the other half is mostly found in the cells, tissues, and organs. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical responses in the human body. It fuels digestive enzymes, helping the body effectively metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Magnesium ions play a key role in energy metabolism, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, immune function, bone and tooth formation, and are particularly important to heart and circulatory health. Research has shown many American diets to be deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium is naturally alkaline and it binds acids in the body, regulating acid-alkaline balance. Magnesium assists with:

  • calcium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C utilization
  • activation of B vitamins
  • efficient production of enzymes
  • cardiac function
  • relaxation of muscles including the heart muscle
  • metabolism of carbohydrates
  • conversion of blood sugar into energy
  • bone formation
  • aid in proper insulin production
  • prevention of aging in the cells and organs

Magnesium deficiency is widespread in the industrialized world. Unfortunately, many of us have lifestyles that actively deplete magnesium in our bodies, choices such as lack of sleep, excess stress, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar consumption. Over farming and high pesticide use have depleted magnesium from our food sources.

When we have a magnesium deficiency, calcium is not properly used by the body. Under-utilized calcium may result in cellular death and this imbalance may cause a variety of health ailments including osteoporosis, arthritis, senility, calcification of tissues and organs as well as heart disease. Researchers have also found that a magnesium deficiency greatly contributes to blood vessel constriction, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

Most people are not getting the amount of magnesium in their diets to maintain proper health. Many of the chronic maladies of the modern world can be attributed to magnesium deficiency and an imbalance of magnesium to calcium. While proper calcium ingestion is widely promoted, magnesium is often overlooked as an important part of a balanced diet.

To support long term health, your body needs readily assimilated magnesium daily.

Transdermal magnesium therapy is ideal for pain management. The combination of heat and magnesium chloride increases circulation and waste removal. The therapeutic effect of magnesium baths is to draw inflammation out of the muscles and joints. Magnesium chloride, when applied directly to the skin is transdermally absorbed and has an almost immediate effect on pain.

From the pain of sports injuries to low-back pain and sciatica, headaches, relief from kidney stones, the pain of restless legs, arthritic pain, and just about every painful condition imaginable–all will in all likelihood benefit from magnesium applied topically.

Medicines taken by mouth (oral) pass through the liver before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Transdermal application bypasses the liver, entering the tissues and blood more directly. Magnesium oil or cream can be applied directly to affected areas.

Transdermal magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time. Transdermal magnesium chloride mineral therapy enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while inducing quicker regeneration of tissues. Topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance.

Magnesium Cream is susceptible to high heat and it does not fare well on it's journey from us to you during hot summer months. Therefore, it is not generally available from June 1st to September 30th, depending on temperature forecasts.

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